Autumn Moscow Cup 2018 - Pro-Am (Teacher-Student)

Организатор: Сергей Рюпин

Категории: Стандарт, Латина, Caribbean mix, Аргентинское танго,


Ladies and Gentlemen!

On the 28-30th of September 2018 you can become part of world-wide beautiful, classy and same time very energetic event - International Dance Competition " Autumn Moscow Cup - 2018”!

Traditionally "Autumn Moscow Cup" hosts several title events.

You will see professional dancers in WDC World Super Series event (in Ballroom and Latin). This Series contains 11 best competitions in the world - British Open, UK Open, International Championship, Dutch Open, Disney Open, World Masters, Asian Open, Hong Kong Open, USDC, German Open an done competition in Russia - "Autumn Moscow Cup".
Amateurs will compete in WDC Amateur League World Cup, and Pro-Am dancers - in WDC World Cup.
Without doubts we will see best couples in each category - countries champions, world and European champions, winners of many competitions.

What we are very proud about - every year we have one of the best dancing orchestras of the world. Two times it was great “Ross Mitchell Orchestra”, leading by Ross Mitchell, orchestra which playing at UK Open Championship in Bournemouth and International Championship in famous London Royal Albert Hall.
And in 2018th like 4 and 2 years ago already in third time we are looking forward to see the performance of amazing “Empress Orchestra”, leading by Ashley Frohlick - orchestra which is playing at Blackpool Dance Festival!
Apart from famous tracks which beloved by all dancers in the world, musicians will present more than 30 new tracks!

We are waiting for you in Moscow and we are sure you will get a lot of positive energy and great emotions together with us.

Sincerely Yours,
Sergey Ryupin

Address: Universal sports hall "Igrovoy" CSKA, Moscow, Russia

15035, Leningradsky prospect, 39, building 76, CSKA "Igrovoy" 

Metro stations "Airport", "Dynamo".

Trolleybus №12 , №70 (to the stop "Sports complex CSKA")

Tel.: +7 (495) 613 43 65; +7 (495) 613 69 83

Organizing Committee

Art-manager - Alexandr Polyakov

Executive secretary and coordinator - Alena Kravez

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