Dance Quest

Welcome everyone who’s going to be contemplating the magical world of dance with us! This time it’s not gonna be the usual competition format, no! And not even the show, or to be more correct, not the show in its pure competition form. Today we will present something that has never been done before – a ‘DANCE QUEST’ without leaving home!!!

So, what is it then?

There are 3 professional couples participating in the project. The three of the best according to the worldwide rating of Latin-American dancing.
Their skills are going to be judged by a highly respected panel of adjudicators. All of them were multiple times World Champions and are currently very well known as TOP WDC teachers and adjudicators.

During 6 Rounds the couples will have to complete all the different difficult tasks of the ‘DANCE QUEST’. After each round they will get comments from the panel in a nice and relaxed atmosphere.

At the end of the QUEST we will have our winner. Which couple is it gonna be??? You’ll find out at the end of the show.
The ‘DANCE QUEST’ organisers have prepared this project for you with lots of enthusiasm and big love for the art of dancing.

The cost of viewing 100 rubles.
100 RUR = 1.26 EUR * = 1.36 US *
* — depending on the exchange rate of your bank on the day of payment.

All money will be sent to the prize pool for participating pairs.